December 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009



Vlado Cencel - Slovenian Chainsaw Sculptures

Vlado Cencel - Chainsaw Sculptures and Art

I met Vlado recently on Facebook Group - Chainsaw Sculpture where I saw some of his work. I thought that it was interesting and unique.

Here is a little information about him and a few pictures of his works.

You can see more by check out Facebook or going to his site listed below.

DaveO, Kamloops, BC

- Iam living in Velenje in Slovenia-Europa you can see in google map:


-Art is my hobby for my soul I love it, specifically make sculpture

-So I need money too :-), if who like my sculpture or paint I sell too

-I make some time exhibition too

-I'm doing one sculpture (chainsaw) from 4days to one month depend of the complexity of the design

-So all my art work can be seen in my country, but some are already sold

-my webpage is: http://www.vincencel.si


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